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Rupert Melsom

Rupert has a substantial track record in financial sector, including founding industry leading risk management, business intelligence and loan origination platforms, enabling innovative routes to market in established and developing markets.

Freek van Krevel

Freek van Krevel is a senior policy advisor on EU implementation programmes & eIDAS, working at the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Affairs, Directorate Information Society and Government, based in The Hague, Netherlands

Esther Makaay

Esther Makaay is a digital identities professional. Her role is proposition development – identifying partners, getting pilots and projects started – for log-in solutions provider Connectis and for .nl registry SIDN. Specialist fields include trust frameworks, digital identities & eID schemes, DNS(SEC) and (new) top-level domains. Esther is also an internet technology expert.

Etienne Plouvier

Etienne is the head of the Digitization portfolio at Worldline, an Atos company. He defines the portfolio strategy and identify the best partnerships to provide innovative solutions around 3 pillars in compliance with eIDAS: Digital Identity, Digital Signature and Digital Preservation.

Henk Marsman

Henk Marsman is lead product manager for Identity and Access Management for employees at Rabobank, a top three bank in the Netherlands. He’s responsible for the cohesion and ‘customer’ orientation of the IAM services and works with the IAM product owners in Rabobank to materialize the vision and strategy. Prior to joining Rabobank Henk has spend 15 years with Deloitte, of which the last 5 years he led the IAM expertise team for the Netherlands and provided management consulting services in this area to a wide range of organizations.

Marie-José Hoefmans

Marie-José Hoefmans is a leader and spokesman of the global movement Schluss. Schluss was founded in 2015 for nothing less than turning the datastream on the internet around. Users will be in charge of their own personal data again: being able to determine who can know what about them.

Martin Sandren

Martin Sandren is a CISSP and SABSA certified security professional with over seventeen years of experience of various information security related roles. Primarily focused on security architecture and identity and access management including large scale (20+ million users) customer IAM and federations using the Forgerock, IBM and Oracle security stacks.

Victor Alting van Geusau

Victor W. Alting van Geusau, Esq. (LL.M.) is an experienced lawyer and auditor, and is specialized in information law and privacy law. Victor holds degrees from the law schools the University of Utrecht and the University of Amsterdam. He has consulted for many organizations and helped them to streamline their business processes. He has worked both as a subject matter expert and in various management positions.

Carolin Kaiser

Carolin Kaiser has studied European Technology Law and holds master's degrees from the universities of Hannover, Oslo, Bremen, and Groningen.

John Erik Setsaas

John is Senior Development Architect at Signicat were he is focusing on creating great and simple to use solutions for identity proofing, authentication and electronic signatures.

Hans Graux

Hans is an IT lawyer at the Brussels based law firm Timelex.

Martijn Kaag

Martijn (1980) is Identity Advisor of Connectis (connectis.nl). 

Andrea Servida

Andrea is the Head of the Unit "eGovernment and Trust" in Directorate General 'Communication networks, content and technology' (DG CONNECT) of the European Commission.

Afke Schaart

Afke is the Regional Lead and Vice President Europe (including the Russian Federation and Turkey) for the GSMA.

Allard Keuter

Allard is initiator of the Dutch banking eID solution iDIN. He is specialized in payments and authentication, acting in various roles, varying from project manager to scheme architect.

David Birch

David is Director of Innovation at Consult Hyperion, the secure electronic
transactions consultancy, and a Visiting Professor at the University of Surrey Business School.

Emma Lindley

Emma founded (in 2012) Innovate Identity, and with her practical pragmatic approach is an independent advisor to many global brands, enabling them to understand how to put identity at the the heart of their digital transformation strategies.

Fabrizio Sestini

Fabrizio is Senior Expert in Digital Social Innovation with DG CONNECT of the European Commission, and responsible for the EIC Horizon Prize on "Blockchains for Social Good".

Ian Glazer

Ian is the Senior Director for Identity, at Salesforce. His responsibilities include leading the product management team, product strategy and identity standards work.

Jacoba Sieders

Jacoba is Head of Digital Identity- & Access, ABNAMRO Bank.

Katryna Dow

Katryna is the founder and CEO of Meeco, a world leading data independence start-up in the emerging personal data economy.

Michael Salmony

Michael is an internationally recognised leader at equensWorldline on business innovations especially in the digital and financial services space.