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Save the date: IDnext golf tournament

On Friday 23 September we’ll host the IDnext golf tournament for the third time.


Since the first two tournaments were highly appreciated by all participants, we organize another golf day this year. In the afternoon of Friday 23 September, the IDnext golf day will take place on a golf court in the west of the Netherlands. As soon as the location is known, we’ll let you know directly through a formal invitation.

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eYou in the EU

eYOU in the EU is a European event taking place on 14th June in The Hague. We welcome experts, policy and decision makers from all over Europe to gain insight into the current digital market and its developments: which innovations are expected, what lessons can be gleaned from business cases, and how about privacy? Jasper Wesseling, Benita Matofska and Amelia Andersdotter will update you...

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Recap IDM Europe Event

Whitehall media (a partner of IDnext) organized its second IDM Europe conference for thought leaders, practitioners and IAM specialist across Europe to discuss the infrastructural challenges and opportunities associated with managing and securing identity within the organization. The IAM sector is poised for major growth as businesses of all sizes look to develop strategies that are aligned to their business needs, but also consider people, processes and technology. Watch the highlights of this event!

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Trust in the Digital World

Trust in the Digital World (TDW) is Europe’s leading independent, interdisciplinary, unbiased and Europe-focused conference. The Business impact of Disruptive technologies’ is the main theme of this two-day event that will take place at New Babylon Centre on 15-16 June. This conference is an indispensable event for those in business, public sector and government who are involved in the policy, security, systems and processes surrounding Trust. 

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Meeco winner Identity Innovation Award 2016

Press release Meeco wins the identity innovation award 2016. The price for the best new concept or product was awarded during the Trust in Digital World event in The Hague. Meeco is a new and easy way to manage your life and the data inside your personal cloud. Meeco's beautiful dashboard means one click to your favourite brands, bill payments, travel, banking and shopping.

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IDnext has joined the Friends of Xavier

Xavier started playing golf in 1985 at the age of five at a local field hockey club called HDS in his hometown The Hague where they had a driving range during the winter months. After having played at Stichting Openbaar Golf Den Haag for a number of years, a golf course built on a camping site, Xavier joined the Rijswijkse Golfclub at age ten where his game developed.

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