Call for registrations is open!

Call for speakers is now open. We are seeking proposals from presenters and speakers for the IDnext event. If you have something great to talk about it, tell us about it and we consider your entry.

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Are digital identities the new golden bars for banks?

The concept of a digital identity is fairly simple, but until now we have not yet seen a digital identity with sufficient trust, reach and convenience. That is unfortunate, because a solution based on trust will bring the digitalization of doing business online to a next level. The big question is: who is able to offer the trustworthy digital identity with enough reach and convenience? 

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Wrap-up I AM Blockchain event

On 30 March 2017, experts including Erik Holkers, Haaino Beljaars (both from Sogeti), Peter Penning (ING), Amin Rafiee and Steven Gort (ICTU)  presented a full programme to an audience of over 100 guests at the I AM & Blockchain event, which we organised together with Sogeti.

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SIDN and Connectis: 'Now we can make ground with secure log-ins'

SIDN's CEO Roelof Meijer has acquired an extra job title: he's now also CEO of SIDN Deelnemingen ('SIDN Holdings'). That's because at the start of the year SIDN bought a majority stake in Connectis, a leading provider of secure log-in solutions. The acquisition made SIDN a significant player on the electronic ID market.

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User-friendly and secure transaction app

Keyshake (a supporter of IDnext) will soon launch an app (Android & IOS) that will facilitate secure transactions in an accessible way for a wide audience. Thanks to a fully decentralised design and implementation, the transaction data are not compiled in any central location (not even at Keyshake).

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IDnext Golf event 2017

 if you enjoy playing golf, and if you have the time and the inclination to spend Friday 22 September on the golf course, want to meet identity and (cyber) security experts and would like to beat the pro (Xavier Ruiz Fonhof), then don't forget to register for this fun event.

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