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Call for Contributions TDW

IDnext, EEMA and TDL are inviting contributions to present at the Trust in the Digital World Conference. This year, the conference will consider the business impact of disruptive technologies,, focussing on European public and private trust related to cybersecurity, privacy, identity and cloud.

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eIDAS: Boosting uptake

The EU is the first and only region in the world to have a holistic, workable and balanced legal framework for cross-border use of eID and trust services.The eIDAS Regulation provides a predictable regulatory environment for electronic identification (eID), electronic trust services and electronic documents. This is a big step towards building the Digital Single Market, as it will ensure legal certainty and mutual recognition of trust services across the EU.

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eYOU in the EU

European governments are working hard to facilitate digital citizenship and entrepreneurship. But what is happening in the private, academic and corporate sectors in relation to these developments?

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Explosion of connected possibilities – the impact of digital identity on the adoption of the Internet of Things

Imagine your future home. The door will open automatically as soon as you are near it. The way you look and move and the devices you carry provide all the information needed to seamlessly authenticate you and unlock the door. Everything inside your house including your heating system, fridge or a light bulb will be connected to the Internet.

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Join the IDnext community

IDnext association provides a single point of entry for (leading) IT and Business professionals throughout Europe. IDnext association can be your starting point to connect, collaborate and find specific information related to Digital Identity and acts a community. Join our community

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The user experience of a Dutch citizen

Together with students of the Haagse Hogeschool (Information Security Management), IDnextplatform has conducted a study about the user experience of Dutch citizens. Because the Dutch Government has set up a programme called Digital 2017, enabling citizens and businesses to use its digital services.

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