Futurepass 3.0

A new art form that combines Eastern and Western art traditions will be the focus of 'Future Pass 3.0', the exhibition is open at Wereldmuseum in Rotterdam. Thanks to the internet and digital technology, artists from East and West now communicate with each other using a new, universal language of images. Their futuristic art will dominate the 21st century.

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Single EU Data Protection Regime one step closer

An overwhelming majority of the European Parliament (621 yes / 10 no) today voted in favour of the new regulation on the “Protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data”.

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HSD Campus open!

The Hague Security Delta (partner of IDnext) will open the new HSD Campus.  The HSD Campus is the national innovation centre of the Dutch security cluster. It includes 'living labs', education and training facilities, flexible office space, and meeting rooms.

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Assurance levels for Government services

Dutch Government has written a guidebook for government organisations providing e-services to citizens and business. This guide aims to be a foundation for a dialogue between policy maker, (process) architects and information security personnel for the implementation of e-services and back-office processes.

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IDnext'13 event update

The 4th edition of IDentity.Next '12 event took place On 20-21 November 2013. Just like last time it took place in New Babylon Centre in The Hague, with a varied program spread over two days. There were more than 100 participants (both domestic and foreign) together to be inspired, to network and share the developments around the subject of  'digital identity'.

What did you miss?

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IDnext annual year's event 2014

Join us for our annual New Year's Event, taking place on Thursday, 9 January 2014 at Felix Meritis in Amsterdam between 17.45 and 23.00h.

IDnext in cooperation with 25 national and international organisations from the Dutch Internet world will be hosting the traditional Internet New Year's Event.

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