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There is much talk of blockchain, but when will FinTech and other organisations offer their services to the blockchain? Concrete examples of this may first show themselves in 2018. We asked Peter Penning, IT Manager Solutions Delivery Centre at ING, and Steven Gort, data whisperer at ICTU about their views on blockchain.

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Why is blockchain that disruptive for public and private organisations?

Blockchain opens up the possibility to accelerate internal old and sticky processes as well as the transformation to new business models. Business models based on a distributed ledger where all kind of assets can be registered, including precious assets. By having this distributed ledger shared across a network of multiple sites, geographies or institutions, transactions can be done directly between the participants of the network.

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I AM Blockchain

"By now, we know quite a bit about blockchain as a disruptive technology. It’s about time we demonstrate how it performs in practice. What actual use is it to organisations and citizens?" That is the challenge we took up on the IDnext platform in close collaboration with Sogeti:

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What is the value of digital signature?

There is an ongoing debate about the value of a digital signature. To solve this debate once and for all, Signicat (partner of IDnext) invites you to our seminar where we will approach this debate from both legal and business point of view.

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Trends 2017

Technology will play an increasingly important role in society – these are often positive developments that make life easier and more pleasant, but also they render it less secure – and don’t we unwittingly cross ethical boundaries that we’d have preferred to avoid if we’d understand the consequences of those developments better? 

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2016 was a great year!

What a great year! We would like to thank all our members, partners and our dedicated IDnext team who made 2016 a great year. Let me give you a glimpse of our IDnext season. 

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