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Every year, the IDnextplatform’s Advisory Board presents a summarized report that gives an overview of the latest developments within the world of Digital Identity. The Advisory Board plays a vital role for the IDnextplatform and consists of distinguished experts from around the world. They are committed to keeping IDnext on the cutting-edge of digital identity practices and ensuring that IDnext is the premier platform of state-of-the-art services to its members.

The Advisory Board also provides independent advice to the Executive Board regarding the direction and activities of the IDnext association. 

Why are we doing this? Millions of people around the world are ‘invisible’, but technology will play an increasingly important role in society and give these people an identity. O en, this involves positive developments that make life easier and more pleasant, but at the same time, render it less secure – and don’t we unwittingly cross ethical boundaries that we’d have preferred to avoid if we’d understood the consequences of those developments better? 

It also involves using digital technologies that remake a process to become more e cient or e ective. The idea is to use technology not just to replicate an existing service in a digital form, but also to transform that service into something signi cantly better.  

This becomes more and more important in a progressively digital world. All technological developments have their pros and cons. In this period of contemplation, it is recommended that we think about what those developments mean for us and how we can deal with them in a mature way.

Let us give you a number of developments that we foresee for 2018! 

R.L. Garskamp - Founder IDnext platform


Taking ownership of your personal data  

The need to register and leave personal and sensitive data across the Digital World is growing. However, to an increasing number of people, this is unacceptable. The more connected we get, the higher the risk for data breaches becomes, and the greater the consequences will be. Anyone can easily nd your personal data across the Internet. Nobody knows who is collecting his or her personal data, or why. You may not even be aware this is happening, nor can you control it. 

The time is now to speak out about how you expect your data to be used and collected. And to give your views on other people’s rights to access and manage your data. Everyone should be able to influence, and benefit from, his or her personal data. If data is the new money, it should be your money. It is time to have ownership and take control of your personal data! 

If things are free in the online world, then our data is the product? Privacy will be a major driver of change in the near future. The more connected we get, the bigger the need to control our digital footprint becomes. This need will create an entirely new business sector in the digital world. If things are free in the online world, then our data and we ourselves are the product. People are getting steadily more tired of this business model and have started looking for products and services to help them manage their digital footprints. The opportunity is there but who will lead this market? Who will be my digital guardian angel? My bank, my insurance company? 

‘The million-dollar question is: Whom will I empower to manage my data, while still retaining ownership of it?’

Interested in other trends? Please send us an e-mail for the request of the whole document.