Peter Hoogendoorn

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Peter started his carreer as software engineer in public telephony and datacommunications at Alcatel. Moved to Atos as software developer and became a security advisor for the public sector. At KPMG as IT-Auditor became an information security specialist and started as a Security Officer at Achmea in the field of IAM, security architecture and cybersecurity. Currently involved in IAM and blockchain security. Outside direct work relations I am part of a thinktank at IAM (IDnext) and was founder and chairman of the Insurance ISAC.  At this moment part of the Dutch Blockchain Coalition working group that aims for a trustworthy implementation of digital Identities using blockchain technology and promote this at Government level.

His vision: “security drives business’. 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/petermhoogendoorn/

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