Mark Fonds

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Mark has his roots in cognitive psychology, methodology and design. He has been at the cradle of web development via start-ups in San Francisco from 1984 and onwards. His focus has gradually grown towards designing services based on good user experience - to make technology user friendly and intuitive. Over the last decade his focus and efforts have been to help companies transform into design organisations who develop their core services hand in hand with their users and customers. As project lead for Amsterdam he aims to deliver the citizens and users of the city of Amsterdam a relationship with the municipality based on trust through a user friendly tool for their identification and authorisation based on privacy by design and data-minimalization.

"I am attracted to the topic of Identity - philosophically, organisationally, economically, lawfully and technically. We are who we are because we agree on registering and trusting (and protecting) a register. But it does not define us."

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mark-fonds-84a0791/

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