Michiel Vos

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Michiel is a Dutch-American U.S. correspondent, journalist and publicist, based in New York City where he works for various Dutch and Belgian TV & radio shows. He is a frequent commentator on US politics, culture and society at the late-night table of Pauw, Jinek (NPO1) and Van Gils & Gasten and De Afspraak (VRT, Eén) as well as a commentator on US pop culture for RTL BLVD and EenVandaag (AVRO TROS). He teaches as a lecturer at the European Centre for Executive Development CEDEP (INSEAD) in Fontainebleau, France. 

Michiel is a sought-after speaker on the lecture circuit for various financial institutions (ING, Rabobank, ABN Mees Pierson, etc.), companies and anyone interested in the American market, society and political culture, wanting to know more about his adopted homeland, America.

Michiel is a commentator on European & American politics for MSNBC.


In his personal documentary series, My America, which aired in Belgium, The Netherlands and Switzerland, he documented his experiences in America as a European immigrant.


Vos lives in Manhattan with his wife, the filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi and their two boys.

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