Oskar van Deventer

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Oskar is senior scientist on blockchain networking and self-sovereign identity. His focus is on public-private R&D partnerships, European collaborative R&D projects and international standards. He is active contributor to international standards bodies (Hyperledger, ISO, MPEG, HbbTV, DVB, …). Oskar is assigned member of the Economic Advisory Council of Sovrin, the world-leading blockchain for self-sovereign identity. Oskar is also leading several projects on blockchain and self-sovereign identity in the Techruption program, a Dutch private-public partnership on admintech. He is author of one book, more than 150 publications, over 80 patent applications, over 700 standardization contributions and he holds a Guinness world record.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/m-oskar-van-deventer-7478121b/

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