Rieks Joosten

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Currently, Rieks is a senior scientist with TNO, and is active in distributed information security, including distributed process integrity, distributed/networked risk management, distributed identity- and access management, and more. He is the scientific lead of the Self-Sovereign Identity group and the Networked Risk Management group.


As a student, Rieks already was driven by the urge to do new things with practical impact, and improve whatever might become better. Around 1980, he was one of the 4 students that created all software (OS, system apps, compilers) for the first handheld computers of Matsushita. Later, he architected the world's fastest asymmetric crypto core (PCC-ISES, used in IBM products). Then, he got interested in conceptual modelling, contributing to the (open source) method and tools for conceptual modeling called 'Ampersand', and the generation of validated specifications and webservices for the automated support of business processes. Since 2014, Rieks has been a contributing expert member of the ISO/IEC JTC1/SC27 WG1 group that manages the 27000 series of IT Security standards. Rieks has (co)authored numerous papers and several patents.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rjoosten/

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