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Andre Walter

Andre is a strategic compliance adviser at the data privacy practice of Baker McKenzie, Amsterdam with more than 20 years of industry experience.

Andre de Kok

Andre de Kok has been working in e-government and ICT for more than twenty years.

Annet Steenbergen

Annet Steenbergen is co-founder/initiator of the Aruba Happy Flow project for the Government of Aruba.

Arnold Kok

Focusing on the portfolio of DCC, including Privileged Account Management, Antivirus and other business solutions, Arnold is a trusted technical contact for partners and their customers in both presales and post sales phases.

Arnold Roosendaal

Arnold Roosendaal (PhD, LLM) is a director at Privacy Company with a specific expertise in the field of privacy and identity.

Arzu Barské

Arzu is Country Lead Digital Business Solutions at Fujitsu Technology Solutions | Emerging technologies, AI, RPA, Blockchain.

Bharadwaj Pulugundla

Bharadwaj is a manager for IoT Strategy and Innovation at Verizon Enterprise solutions. He is currently leading the Global IoT Security practice for professional services. 

Bob Hulsebosch

Bob is a senior advisor digital identities, privacy and trust at InnoValor.

Colin Brown

Colin has worked in Identity & Access Management for more than 15 years delivering solutions to meet complex business requirements for a range of clients.

Dan Johnson

Dan is vice president, Identity Products for Mastercard based in London. He is a key leader in Mastercard’s initiative to create an effective, efficient and principled model of digital identity in an increasingly connected world.

Dries van Bilzen

Dries works for de European Commissio.n His main role nowadays is to coordinate operations and give guidance to HR and IT services. Since 2017 the I&AM Service is part of the Digital Identity and Signature Services.

Eduardo Leegwater

Eduardo, Physics graduate, cryptography aficionado, and all round software engineer. He develops software of all stripes – from mobile to server, from card to web. Give him a cool problem and he will solve it or die trying.

Eefje van der Harst

Eefje is manager at INNOPAY.

Esther Makaay

Business eID and analyst - architect

Gustaf Kaijser

Gustaf is Sales Director EMEA at Axiomatics. Axiomatics is the leader in Enterprise Authorization, with over 50 successful implementations for B&F, Government and Manufacturing customer.
Gustaf has over 15 years of experience in the Identity and Security domain, from companies like Axiomatics, Sun Micro, Novell and Verizon. 

Guy Huntington

Guy is a veteran identity architect, program and project manager who’s lead, as well as rescued, many large identity projects. His past clients include Boeing, Capital One and the Government of Alberta’s Digital Citizen Identity and Authentication Program.

Ineke van Gelder

Ineke is a product owner with the rock-solid conviction that a design approach will solve any problem and will bring people involved together. Ineke is working together with Mark Fonds for the municipality of Amsterdam.

Inge de Ruijter

Inge is Associate Partner at Bridgehead, a trusted advisory office in which she support companies to create successful collaborations to accelerate business growth towards the Public Sector. Her areas of expertise are within Financial Services, Payments & Cards Industry.  Working on the Forward Finance is one of her main topics.

Jacoba Sieders

Today, Jacoba is the Head of Identity & Access Management at the European Investment Bank (EIB) in Luxembourg. This is the bank of the European Union, one of the largest in the world in terms of the capital flowing through. 

Jan Middendorp

Jan Middendorp is a member of the Dutch House of Representatives on behalf of the VVD. Before going into public service he worked 15 years in banking with a.o  Rothschild and ABN AMRO in the Netherlands, India and the United Kingdom.

Jan Winus van Roode

Jan Winus has worked for more than 15 years for Nsecure, a leading Dutch security company and a domestic market leader in physical access control. In the last 2 years he was working as an innovation manager.

Jason Nurse

Jason is an Assistant Professor in Cyber Security at the University of Kent.

Jelte Jansen

Jelte Jansen is Senior Research Engineer at SIDN Labs, the research and development department of the .nl registry.

Jeroen van Megchelen

Dreaming about Blockchain every night. That’s is Jeroen.He grew up behind the computer, started gaming when he was very young.Became a hacker and then decided to turn his hobby’s in to work.

Joost van Dalen

Joost graduated as a music technologist and entered IT from his studies.

Laura Koetzle

Laura leads the research organization that serves Infrastructure & Operations Professionals, Security & Risk Professionals, and Sourcing & Vendor Management Professionals.

Liesbeth Becker Hoff

Experienced entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of working in the fintech, eCommerce, Data management, Organisation and Urban Development. As a professional MSc focused in Organisation, Strategy and IT Liesbeth is skilled in Changemanagement, Stakeholdermanagement and Digitalisation.

Marc Elshof

Marc is a partner in Dentons' Amsterdam office and Co-Head of the Europe Data Privacy and Security Group. He has broad commercial experience with a particular focus on IT and data protection.

Marcel Wendt

Marcel is the Chief Technology Officer and Founder of Digidentity, a global identity verification company.

Marijke Salters

Marijke works for the Dutch government as senior consultant for eID and IAM. She specialized in eID and IAM for government since 2006.

Mark Fonds

Mark has his roots in cognitive psychology, methodology and design. He has been at the cradle of web development via start-ups in San Francisco from 1984 and onwards. His focus has gradually grown towards designing services based on good user experience - to make technology user friendly and intuitive.

Marten van der Velde

In 2014, he became Director Strategy & Innovation, in which role he is part of the management team and responsible for the strategy of the organization, its portfolio and the R&D and innovation function.

Martin Sandren

Martin Sandren is a security architect and delivery lead with over eighteen years of experience of various information security related roles.

Michiel Vos

Michiel is a Dutch-American U.S. correspondent, journalist and publicist, based in New York City where he works for various Dutch and Belgian TV & radio shows. He is a frequent commentator on US politics, culture and society at the late-night table of Pauw, Jinek (NPO1) and Van Gils & Gasten and De Afspraak (VRT, Eén) as well as a commentator on US pop culture for RTL BLVD and EenVandaag (AVRO TROS). He teaches as a lecturer at the European Centre for Executive Development CEDEP (INSEAD) in Fontainebleau, France.

Paul-Emmanuel Brun

Paul-Emmanuel is passionate about cybersecurity, IoT and identity management. He is Team Leader of IAM & IoT within AIRBUS CyberSecurity.

Peter Hoogendoorn

Peter started his carreer as software engineer in public telephony and datacommunications at Alcatel. Currently Peter is working at Capgemini in the field of IAM and cloud security.

Rachid Guernaoui

Richard Guernaoui is the Deputy Mayor for Finance, Integration and City Districts in the city of The Hague and responsible for ICT and the municipal organisation as well.

Rieks Joosten

Currently, Rieks is a senior scientist with TNO, and is active in distributed information security, including distributed process integrity, distributed/networked risk management, distributed identity- and access management, and more. He is the scientific lead of the Self-Sovereign Identity group and the Networked Risk Management group.

Roelof Meijer

Roelof has been CEO of SIDN, the registry of .nl, since 2005.

Ros Smith

Ros worked at the BBC for over 19 years. She is now Senior Product Manager in Identity and Access Management, and has found a new found enthusiasm for the importance of IAM in the world... and has learnt more acronyms than she ever imagined possible.

Vincent Jansen

Vincent Jansen (1974) is partner at INNOPAY and has been with company since 2003. He is a passionate collaborative innovator and has extensive experience creating standards and schemes for networked products in complex, multi-stakeholder environments.

Wouter Welling

Wouter works as a coordinating policy officer at the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations of the Netherlands. He is part of the working group on identity vision and strategy of the Dutch government.