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TIIM (Trust and Internet Identity Meeting Europe)

The TIIME conference 2019 will assemble people involved and interested in Internet trust, federated, enterprise Identity & Access Management and user-centric IDM, providing the necessary further training and updates that engineers, tech leads, and managers need to succeed, from policies to essential technologies.
Monday and Tuesday feature workshops with presentations and discussions on OSS projects, federation, self-sovereign identity and legal aspects.

Wednesday and Thursday feature the unconference format to focus on the actual topics raised by the audience. Meeting talented people from different backgrounds and shared interest creates an intense and rewarding work setting.
Dedicated note takers and session-specific mailing lists this will facilitate interaction between the groups and facility light-weight ad-hoc groups to save results and enthusiasm for the following days and weeks, and to produce sustainable output.

As usual, participants will drive the specific contents to address specific questions and challenges of technology, open standards, trust frameworks, privacy, operation, usability, business aspects and public policy. 

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