2016 was a great year!

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What a great year! We would like to thank all our members, partners and our dedicated IDnext team who made 2016 a great year. Let me give you a glimpse of our IDnext season.

TDW 2016
What were the highlights? Trust in Digital World 2016 (TDW) was unique and once-only opportunity, where three highly respected and successful, international, non profit industry organisations (EEMA, TDL and IDnext) pooled their resources, knowledge and information to create an exceptional, independent, two-day conference focussing on European public and private trust with regard to cybersecurity, privacy, identity and Cloud.

The focus of the TDW programme in The Hague was about the trust event of the future. The strengths of TDL, EEMA and IDnext and their industry approach focussed on business development: pre-competitive technology, user adoption of innovative solutions, services (or trust) and protection of the privacy of users and removing business barriers.

TDW outlined the focus for this year’s annual conference stating that:
“There is a wealth of opportunity for organisations to maximise the potential of the mass of personal data that they accumulate. Our focus is over the next two days is how to protect and safeguard this data.” TDW welcomed great speakers such as David Birch, Andrea Servida, Ronny Bjones, Sarah Munro, Jacoba Sieders and Aman Rafiee.

Digital identity award
Good digital identity solutions are essential enablers of digital trust. We need solutions that are easy to use, privacy-friendly, cost-efficient and secure. This requires technological and business innovations in the world of digital identity.

IDnext, EEMA and TDL present the identity innovation award in recognition and support of new innovations that shape the future of digital identities.
This year the recipient of the award was Meeco. Meeco is a new and easy way to manage your life and the data inside your personal cloud. Its dashboard means one click to your favourite brands, bill payments, travel, banking and shopping.
Meeco gives you a private browser so you control, manage and track your own habits, providing you with rich insight.

Other nominees for the award were Skidentity, Knowhow Information and Asan ?mza. Further information on the conference award is available on request.

eID event – the sequel
IDnextplatform organised the 2nd eID event at New Babylon Centre in The Hague. This event focussed on the continuation of the development of eID in the Netherlands, involving pilots within the public and private sectors. These pilots have been set up to test the efficacy of eID (from various perspectives). It has been established that the consumer lacks an overview of the role of eID in Dutch digital services.

The key aim of this year’s event was to expound on the current state of affairs (where does eID stand, where has it been introduced and what is being worked on) and also to give a clear overview of and insight into the developments and pilots from the various perspectives, with contributions from e.g. Marije Jurriens, Maarten Wegdam, Ivar Vennekens, Menno Stigter en Arnold Roosendaal.

eYOU in the EU
In cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Affairs (Freek van Krevel), the European Commission and the Dutch EU presidency, IDnext organised the eYOU in the EU event, welcoming experts and policy and decision makers from all over Europe to gain insight into the current digital market and its developments. Where are we today and what is happening in the private, academic and corporate sectors in relation to these developments? As stated by Paul Timmers (Director Digital Society, Trust and Security, DG CONNECT at European Commission)  – within eIDAS, Europa has agreed on a common way to make it easy to have trusted access online. Conferences like eID eYOU in the EU event are important, because they attract committed people who will be able to make the difference. They have extensive knowledge in their field, know what is feasible and can make a good progress, especially if they work together. This event featured a list of other highly knowledgeable speakers such as Katryna Dow, Bart de Liefde, Jasper Wesseling, Nicky Hekster. A conference report is available on request via the IDnext website.

Then, the IDnext meet-up 2016 was organised in close collaboration with PostNL. The theme of this IDnext meet-up was ‘Innovations in Digital Identities’. Innovations take place in quick succession and their influence on our daily lives is immense. In this technology-driven world, is it obvious that managing one’s digital identity is becoming increasingly important, since more and more information is shared between consumers/ citizens and (public and private) organisations? The fast growth of the digital economy brings about an exponential increase of online and mobile services. Therefore, it is vital for public and private organisations to remain at the forefront regarding current and new trends in order to develop and adopt new services and products for consumers and citizens. We had great presentations by Evelien Dieleman, Peter van Buijtene, Maria Genova and Sander Duijvestein.

IDnext and PostNL also support innovative developments in the area of digital identity. That’s why we gave various parties the opportunity to pitch their innovative concepts, for instance JanusID, Trusted Services by PostNL and OptimusAD & Telesync.

Furthermore, let’s not forget the contributions of all IDnext adepts in our periodical IDnext newsletters. As you know, IDnext is a membership organisation. Even though you can participate without becoming a member, joining our platform helps to enable IDnextplatform to engage in (innovative) project programmes, business development and other type of activities (e.g. events, master classes and workshops) to strengthen our mission in the world of Digital Identity.

IDnext is looking forward to 2017, and hopefully it will be another great year. I am looking forward meeting you at on of our (partner)-events.

One of the greatest joys of Christmas is having your whole family by your side to celebrate it with you. May 2017 be even more promising that the year before. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family!

Robert Garskamp