Customer Identity conference

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November 14th | Stadion Feijenoord | Rotterdam
Customer loyalty is top priority in every company. Protecting, securing and managing customer data is crucial. The Customer Identity conference of Wednesday November 14th informs you in one day about the techniques, processes and tools to manage customer identities within the digital omni-channel.

"I want to show organisations that the digital transformation is an excellent opportunity to gain competitive advantage through protecting, securing and managing customer identities."
- Project Manager Ingeborg Bosch –

Strategic conference about protecting, securing and managing customer identities

* How can I get a complete picture of our digital customer, with the help of modern technology?
* How do we get trust from the customer so that he shares information with us?
* What is the value of 'consent' in a digital world?
* How can I best implement a 'layered consent'?
* What is the role of Digital Identity in creating an optimal Customer Experience?
* What can I do if the data of my clients is targeted by social engineers?
* How do I integrate the digital identity of my customer optimally within the customer journey?
* How do I ensure that convenience and security go hand in hand?

Are you searching for answers to the above-mentioned questions? During the Customer Identity conference, various interesting lectures will take place from i.a. eBay, Rabobank and OKTA, discussing topics such as Blockchain and the ePrivacy regulation.

ID Next invites you!
We invite you to participate in the Customer Identity conference. Register directly with our relation code 33WG6L8R, participation is free of charge for end users*.
The Customer Identity conference will take place on Wednesday November 14th in Stadion Feijenoord. Two days after the conference, the Dutch soccer team will play a match against the world champion France. Register before October 19 and win 2 tickets per entry for the match!

We are looking forward to seeing you in Rotterdam and finding out if these tickets are yours!

* Please note: this conference is only free of charge for end users who work at organisations involved in the orientation or purchase of products or services related to the conference topic. Advisors, consultants, people who are not professionally active, jobseekers and students / trainees are seen as non-end users. For these visitors, a participation fee of 645 euros is asked. (This also applies to registrations via our relationship code.)