IDnext and NVVB join forces!

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The digitization of society is rapidly increasing. The dependence between digital and physical identity is receiving more attention in the Netherlands, but also outside the country's borders. Governments also need to pursue on the need of digitization in services and products. A high-quality and reliable identity structure between citizens and government is evident for identifying, registering, verifying and validating of the digital and physical identity.

Therefore, NVVB and IDnext join forces on this important topic. IDnext believes that NVVB is a solid partner in the area of identity management with national and international reputation. The agreement confirms the collaboration between NVVB and IDnext to pursue both nationally and internationally to redefine the identity infrastructure with main topics as: quality reliable - physical and digital - contacts between citizens and government with well-trained professionals and with the help of advanced technical equipment, an identity with the utmost certainty establish, register, authenticate and verify.

The core of the collaboration is to keep the technology, services and business processes by supporting innovation and encouraging connection, bringing together and supporting the exchange of knowledge and cooperation between NVVB and IDnext in this area. The aim of this collaboration is to enable to respond to each other - and to work on solutions - regarding developments that meet local authorities and that have implications for identity management. Sharing knowledge is the enabler to bring the physical and digital world closer together.

NVVB and IDnext will distribute knowledge and experience through organizing events and gives master classes and workshops, but also through publications and white papers.

NVVB is a Dutch association for civil services representing the municipalities and semi-government in the Netherlands.