IDnext meetup 2014 - a recap

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Digital identity as the driver for new forms of electronic services

The Dutch government is working hard on the development of the eID, a new electronic passport for its citizens. It is expected that every citizen of the Netherlands will have an eID in 2017. The eID will be a validated electronic identity with which people can identify themselves, do transactions and share information. The Netherlands is not unique. All European Union countries will have an eID in 2018. Further, in 2018 it will be mandatory that all EU citizens are able to use their eID within the European Union. This is laid down in a recently agreed European Union regulation, the eIDAS (Electronic identification and Trust services).

IDnext and the NVVB entered into a knowledge sharing partnership in October 2013. This collaboration has knowledge sharing, merging the networks of both parties, organising events and jointly embarking on the road to the European Commission at its core. In a technologically driven world, it is clear that managing one’s electronic identity is becoming increasingly more important. The rapid growth of the electronic economy ensures an exponential growth of online and mobile services. For this reason it is vitally important for public and private entities to continue thinking about the role of citizens, their associated identities – both physical and electronic – and the ever blurring privacy boundaries. To raise awareness about electronic identities and its associated types of service provision, IDnext and the NVVB are joining forces to organise information sharing meetings, motivational sessions, master classes and congresses.

In the years to come, IDnext and NVVB want to offer a platform to public, private and scientific entities that have expertise in the area of electronic identities and new types of service provision. Both parties support innovative developments in the area of electronic identity, service provision, privacy and information security in the collaboration. IDnext has been active in Europe for a long time, and the IDnext annual congress attracts visitors from more than 30 countries. As the NVVB has been working in Europe, primarily through the EVS too, the decision was taken to join forces and enter into discussions with the European Commission. Even at this early phase, it is clear that even in Europe there is a need for uniformity, networking and the monitoring at local level of the intended European policy in practice.

To make the joint activities visible, an event entitled ‘eID & Europe’ was held on 26 November at the ABN AMRO Innovation Center in Amsterdam. The day was divided into two parts, the morning session focusing on European developments vis-à-vis eID, and the afternoon session focusing on innovations in electronic identity. Speakers from Belgium, Estonia, Norway, the Netherlands and other countries discussed their views of the most recent developments.

In an intimate setting, the morning session examined the developments around eID in Europe. Andre Servida of the European Commission updated the participants about eIDAS. After that the session looked at the use of eID in various presentations. Among the speakers Hannes Astok (Estonia), Gerrit Jan van ’t Eind (Netherlands) and Frank Leyman (Belgium) updated the participants on the latest developments in their respective countries. The morning was closed by Vidar Haug (Signicat) and Hans van der Burght (Ministry of Economic Affairs) with equally interesting presentations.

After a short break, we went into the afternoon session. It was a full programme of interesting speakers such as Jacoba Sieders (ABN AMRO), Roel Rexwinkel (Surfnet), Arnold Roosendaal (TNO), Maarten Botterman (GNKS Con­sult), Ronny Bjones (Microsoft) and Dion Kotteman (CIO Government of the Netherlands). They made sure that everyone present went home armed with plenty of knowledge.

As a follow-up to the meeting of 26 November, the NVVB and IDnext will merge their annual conferences for the first time. The ‘It`s all about results ...’ congress will be held on 15 and 16 April 2015 in Noordwijkerhout, the Netherlands.

On the first day, the NVVB and IDnext will run their own plenary programme for participants. On the second day in the morning a similar programme will be run for the participants. Faithful NVVB congress participants need not worry that the familiar content will disappear – identity management is also at the heart of IDnext!

The Estonia Experience

To further shape European intentions, a study visit to Estonia will be organised in September 2015. As you have seen at the anniversary congress, Estonia is at the forefront in the field of electronic identity and service provision. All the more reason to visit this European colleague. An informative three day programme is being put together by Estonia’s eGovernment Academy, the Dutch Embassy in Tallinn and Estonian politicians. The NVVB and IDnext are also involving the European Commission in the event because of its interest in connecting countries and embracing good practice which may serve as a source of inspiration, or even as a blueprint, for other European countries.

More information about this inspirational trip will be shared at the national congress on 15 and 16 April.

Arthur Dallau (NVVB) and Robert Garskamp (IDnext)