IDnext signed the pledge. Will you?

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We couldn't have anticipated your level of enthusiasm.
We knew that an association for digital identity professionals was necessary, if not long overdue. What we could not have expected when we started was just how eager so many of you were for an industry-wide non-profit, open professional association to represent and certify digital identity professionals.
There are currently 166 names signed to the pledge, from 26 countries with 80+ unique titles across all organizational levels.

What are the next steps?
The Kantara Initiative is keeping the momentum going, and we hope you will too. This past week, we were at MIT at the "Digital Contracts, Identities, and Blockchains" conference. Next week we'll be at the Cloud Identity Summit in New Orleans, Louisiana, talking about the pledge to digital identity professionals.
Kantara is preparing a Wiki so that you, the community of digital identity professionals, can develop a draft constitution and agree on a scope of activities. As pledge signees, you will be the first to know when the page is set up. Then, you'll be able to share your ideas as a community.

What you can do today.
While we spread the word, we hope that you will too. Please take a moment to do the following to help spread awareness of the pledge to your networks:
1. Share the below social media image to your networks and link back to the pledge.
2. Send a quick note to someone you know to let them know about the pledge. Copy and paste this text and edit as you see fit: "There's a movement happening among digital identity professionals. It's time we had an association to represent and certify digital identity professionals, and provide an open forum for discussion and innovation. I signed the pledge to support the professionalization of the digital identity industry. Will you sign too?

The Importance of the Pledge
The Kantara Pledge Page was created as a vehicle for debate and discussion about a digital identity professional association, its value to practitioners, employers and other technical and business professionals.  After a 90-day open discussion period, the Kantara Pledge Page will be temporarily closed and the results reviewed. Kantara will issue a report outlining results and comments to help target the needs of the digital identity professional and guide a digital identity professional association’s future direction.