Insider threats - ‘How to begin?’ and ‘Where to start?’

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Four years ago, I switched from the consultancy and system integration side of these challenges to the solution side, when I started working for my current employer NetIQ. Within my current role, I focus on growing NetIQ’s security practice throughout the EMEA North region, and help our customers (re)gain control in mitigating the risks associated to threats encountered in the digital world.

This ranges from APTs (advanced persistent threats), Data Security, Configuration and Patch Management to Insider Threats. It is our main goal to provide insight on a business level and to enable our customers to identify the relevant information in the big data ocean that represents the real threat. Many of these attacks have in common that user credentials are compromised, and then are misused by the actors to mimic internal users when accessing systems and information. Read my publication that explains how we can protect ourselves from insider threats.

As such, our Identity Powered Security approach goes beyond traditional monitoring, but is fully integrated into the identity and access management domains. That, also, is the main link for me to the IDnext foundation. In 2012, Robert Garskamp approached me to become a member of the IDnext Advisory Board, a role I gladly accepted. With IDnext being an active networking and knowledge-sharing platform around challenges with digital identities, it is a great environment for me to engage in meaningful discussions.

Topics usually cover a wide range of angles, allowing me to get meaningful insights from experts that deal with these challenges in real-life situations on a daily basis. Furthermore, IDnext participates in a lot of (or organizes its own) meaningful events, where subject matter experts share their experiences and have discussions around specific topics to explore new solution directions. These are often the cause for a content creation project, resulting in new whitepapers or methodologies that can be freely used by anyone interested.

All these elements make IDnext a very valuable organization for me that I hope to be part of for many years to come.