New members join IDnext advisory board

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The European centre for digital expertise – is pleased to announce that Eefje van der Harst, Arnold Roosendaal and Inge de Ruijter have joined the IDnext advisory board. 

The advisory board is a panel of distinguished experts from multiple domains/sectors committed to keeping our foundation on the cutting edge of digital identity practices and safeguarding the foundation as the premier platform of state-of-the-art services to its members.

“As IDnextplatform continues to grow, the IDnext advisory board fulfil a vital function by providing strategic advise to IDnextplatform”, said Robert Garskamp, founder of IDnextplatform. "We welcome these new members, who have earned their credits in this field and we appreciate that they would like to share their experience and knowledge with IDnextplatform."

One of the new members is Eefje van der Harst (senior consultant at Innopay).

Eefje stated, “I have learned from my own experience in banking, logistics and higher education that digital identity is at the core of all security processes and that it is also the core enabler for a better user experience. The global digital identity community is making great strides at the moment in balancing these security, compliance and usability requirements, and I am looking forward to contribe to this movement via IDnextplatform. I strongly believe that bringing together experts from across sectors with different perspectives on digital identity holds great value and that this can really help to further professionalize the digital identity ecosystem as a whole."

Arnold Roosendaal (Director at Privacycompany) foresees that Developments in the field of identity follow each other rapidly.A lot is happening, both in the field of legislation –nationally and internationally – and in the fields of innovation and technology. New regulations impose new requirements, but they also offer opportunities by facilitating interoperability. And new technology enables new forms of identification. Meanwhile the number of market players increases. IDnext brings together the various stakeholders and serves as an important facilitator to knowledge sharing and debate. Having a background in privacy and digital identity, I intend to make an important contribution to this debate and promote further innovation in the identity landscape."

And finally Inge de Ruijter (Associate director at Bridgehead), said, "My vision is to build a seamless digital society in which you can do trusted business in the most seamless way. Doing digital business requires that you are in control of your own data. It’s my belief that personal data is on its way to becoming a big national conversation as we shift our concern to privacy and cyber security and begin to prioritize transparency and control over our personal information. eIdentity and Payments have comparable trusted ecosystems and both require data control, strong revocation and dispute handling. With my knowledge of Financial Services, eIdentity, Payments & Cards, I want to start within IDNext platform by thinking of personal data as a valuable asset that needs to be safely and transparently handled in an ecosystem of trust.