Save the date: IDnext golf tournament 2016

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On Friday 23 September we’ll host the IDnext golf tournament for the third time. 

Since the first two tournaments were highly appreciated by all participants, we organize another golf day this year. In the afternoon of Friday 23 September, the IDnext golf day will take place Rijswijkse Golf

This year, the set-up is slightly different from the previous years: for one thing, a 9-hole round will be played. Thus, we hope to enable more people to join in, as we meet up by the end of the afternoon. This way, you don’t need to take half a day off. We’ll start by 16.30 hrs, which means you’ll be expected in the clubhouse between 15:30 and 16:00. Once everyone has completed the ninth hole, the results will be announced over drinks, followed by a three-course dinner.

Another bit of news is that, as from this year, IDnext is supporting Xavier Ruiz Fonhof as a Friend. Xavier is a promising Dutch professional golfer. He’s a member of the Koninklijke Haagsche (‘Royal Hague Golf Club’), won the Dutch PGA championship and also won the prestigious Twente Cup. Everything is pointing towards 2016 becoming a great year. IDnext recently joined the circle of Xavier’s friends. The Friends of Xavier support him in achieving his goal of breaking through in the international top.


Together with Xavier, we shall give the upcoming IDnext golf day a surprising ‘hook’. Depending on the ultimate number of participants, a surprise element will be added to the tournament, featuring Xavier in a leading role against you and your team. 

In short, do you enjoy playing golf and do you want to compete with one of the best golfers in the Netherlands? Then reserve time on the afternoon of Friday 23 September and register for this fun afternoon.

A small contribution will be expected of everyone participating in this event. Since we are still busy finalizing the location, the cost estimate is conditional. Expect to pay approximately 60 euros for the green fee, including a 3-course dinner.

You can pre-register by blocking 23 September in your diary from approximately 15:00 hrs and sending an email to: susanne@idnext.eu indicating you want to receive the final invitation for the golf tournament on 23 September.

Please, do let us know your handicap as well.