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What a great year! We would like to thank all our members, partners and our dedicated IDnext team who made 2017 a great year. I will tell you what we did. And let me give you a glimpse of our IDnext season. 

I AM Blockchain
On 30 March 2017, the moment had finally arrived. The IAM & Blockchain event, which we organised together with Sogeti, was about to start. That afternoon, experts from the world of Blockchain presented a full programme to an audience of over 100 guests.

The essence of Blockchain was compared to a philosophical phrase by C.S.Lewis, who said: “Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.” According to the opening speaker Erik Holkers from Sogeti that is exactly what Blockchain does. Blockchain gives someone control over his or her own identity, Haaino Beljaars from Sogeti told the audience during this second talk for the I AM Blockchain event. This is because the technology makes it possible to manage an identity independently from another party, for instance Facebook or Google.Steven Gort (ICTU) gave the last presentation before the break. According to Steven, Blockchain has both disadvantages and advantages. The disadvantages of Blockchain are as follows: it is slow, data storage is limited and it is expensive. The advantages are: it is distributed, there is no central authority, it is unchangeable, it has a corresponding algorithm and it is secure by design.

It was also time to listen to the students from Delft University of Technology, Leon Overweel, Wouter Raateland en Daniel Vos – winners of the 2016 World Port Hackathon. At this hackathon, small groups were developing new Blockchain software to solve problems in harbours.
According to Peter Penning (ING), banks and identities are closely related. The business models for banks require a strong identity, for instance for creditor risks or irrefutability (logging activities) to solve conflicts. Moreover, many banking products are digital, constituting major income sources for banks

The requirements of a digital identity must be comparable with the used definition of identity referred to above. Within the Blockchain technology, it can be said to meet all these requirements. To illustrate this, Peter referred to the inventor of Blockchain, Satoshi Nakomoto. Up to now, this person has not shown himself, but his identity is entrenched in a hash in the Blockchain, If this person would wish to show his true identity and prove that he is the inventor of Blockchain, he will need to show himself by logging on with the private key.

IDnext golf event
Once again, a new edition of the IDnext golf event took place on the Rijswijkse golf course, on Friday 17 November, a beautiful day in the autumn. The participants (IAM experts and professionals that share the same hobby) were expected by Xavier Ruiz Fonhof (friend of IDnext) in the afternoon. Once they had partaken of a refreshing beverage and a piece of cake, the teams were announced and off they went!

Tired but satisfied, everyone made it to the 9th hole, after which they all refreshed themselves avidly, drinking beer, soft drinks or wine and indulging in appetizers (‘bitterballs’ and such). Then the tall stories of the day could be heard as well and the participants showed they could have a good laugh hard as well as a good putt.After a shower or a brisk wash, the group sat down to a lovely dinner. During dinner, they soon stopped talking about golf. The conversations were about resilience, identity solutions, identity of things, security, and so on. Thus, satisfied, well-fed and new contacts richer, every participant walked back to his or her car to set off through the dark night to a well-deserved weekend. The event has given us a taste of ‘Fore’!!We are looking back on a successful day. Nearly all participants gave us feedback, saying they had considered it to be great fun as well as really useful. Everyone is looking forward to next year’s event in 2018.

IDnext meet-up 2017
In cooperation with Surfnet, IDnext organised IDnext meet-up 2017. The theme of this IDnext meet-up was ‘Innovations in Digital Identities’. Innovations take place in quick succession and their influence on our daily lives is immense. In this technology-driven world, is it obvious that managing one’s digital identity is becoming increasingly important, since more and more information is shared between consumers/ citizens and (public and private) organisations? 

The fast growth of the digital economy brings about an exponential increase of online and mobile services. Therefore, it is vital for public and private organisations to remain at the forefront regarding current and new trends in order to develop and adopt new services and products for consumers and citizens. We had great presentations by Arnout Terpstra, Prof. dr. ir. Aiko Pras, Arnold Roosendaal, Vincent Toms, Johan van Duijn.

IDnext and Surfnet also support innovative developments in the area of digital identity. That’s why we gave various parties (IRMA App by Sietse Ringers - Techruption Blockchain? by Rieks Joosten (TNO) and Tames Rietdijk (Business Forensics)) the opportunity to pitch their innovative concepts,IDnext advisory board.

Advisory board strengthened
We are also pleased to announce that Eefje van der Harst, Arnold Roosendaal and Inge de Ruijter have joined the IDnext advisory board. “As IDnextplatform continues to grow, the IDnext advisory board fulfils a vital function by providing strategic advise to IDnextplatform. We welcome these new members, who have won their spurs in this field and we appreciate that they would like to share their experience and knowledge with IDnextplatform

Furthermore, let’s not forget the contributions of all IDnext adepts in our periodical IDnext newsletters and cooperation will all our partners. 

As you know, IDnext is a membership organisation. Even though you can participate without becoming a member, joining our platform helps to enable IDnextplatform to engage in (innovative) project programmes, business development and other type of activities (e.g., events, master classes and workshops) to strengthen our mission in the world of Digital Identity. 

IDnext is looking forward to 2018, and hopefully it will be another great year. I am looking forward to meeting you at one of our (partner) events.

One of the greatest joys of Christmas is having your whole family by your side to celebrate it with you. May 2018 be even more promising than the year before. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family!

Robert Garskamp